Colorado mural

"A fractured surface
yields up the enigma
of art and life".

Geoffrey A. Kostecki is the owner and founder of Master Murals based in Western Massachusetts. Each mural is executed by Geoff Kostecki. Larger projects are completed with the aid of an assistant like Art Institute of Boston graduate Chris Spencer. Master Murals is a small company dedicated to improving client's surroundings through the highest quality craftsmanship and dedication possible. Each project is unique and receives extensive planning before any actual work begins.

Master Murals specializes in original murals, frescoes, statue restoration, liturgical restoration and conservation. In addition to original and reproduction murals, we also offer the highest quality faux finishing and marbleizing, gold leafing, plaster repair, color consultation and every aspect of interior design. For our secular community master murals paint interior in residential and public sites.

The décor of our homes and work spaces has always been one of the easiest ways for us to express our individuality and directly enrich our lives. The forgotten history and tradition of mural art and muralists in recent times is surprising; this incredible tradition has endured over centuries from prehistoric cave painting to High Renaissance frescoes. Good murals can create a mood or an illusion of space, they can inform, decorate, amuse, create a focal point or help to unify a rooms décor.

The context of a mural is extremely important and must be considered before the scope or cost of a project can be established. Consultations are complimentary and may be arranged by phone or e-mail at your convenience. Projects which require scaffolding or other special equipment may cost more.

Master Murals is based in Western Massachusetts, but has completed projects in New York, Colorado, Florida, and Massachusetts. Master Murals is happy to work outside of New England providing the scope of the project justifies the distance of travel. Contact us for a FREE consultation and to discuss the possibilities.



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